Initial Coin Offering List

Stay updated with our comprehensive calendar of token sales. We do in-depth research before listing, and the tokens in our list is worth investing.

Token Status Start End Rating Votes
Bithercash is built on Ethereum platform, which is used by...
12/05/2017 01/19/2020 20
Varanida is a decentralized advertising network made for users who...
09/28/2018 03/31/2020 26

Specification of ICO Calendar and List


From art and music, Artificial Intelligence, Banking to Food and restaurant you will found the wide categories of ICOs. To get the best return on investment, go to the category page and invest on the best ICO.


On our status section of initial coin offering page you will get complete details about upcoming, ended, and active ICO. This will give an exact idea about existing ICO market.

In ICO calendar you will see ICO rating and ICO votes. We have prepared these two sections to make the Initial Coin Offering transparent and easy. Where we rate the ICO after going through various parameters like whitepapers, team member’s profile, their past achievements, comparing their ICO with competitors, evaluate total supply and calculate per unit price. At the same time, we offer ICO voting. We have made this innovative concept thereby investors can vote their preferred ICOs, and this will help investors to invest in the right project that has a great potential for success.

General guidance on ICOs:

It will not exaggerate to say that initial coin offering changing the landscape of information technology, and with the passage of time, it is proving one of the finest concepts to raise the fund for the Blockchain based projects. Even experts are viewing it as the new gold rush of the 21st century. So to give a better insight about ICOs, here are some common advice in no particular order.

  • Always choose an authentic platform to invest in the ICOs.
  • Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.
  • Don’t forget to go through the whitepaper of particular ICO, on which you are going to invest. If there is no whitepaper, then it is probably wishy-washy on purpose.
  • Try to invest in crowd sales that answer the six Ws (What? Who? Where? When? Why? How?)
CoinMarketPlus ICOs:

To reduce spamming of low-quality tokens and to maintain transparency, we have started ICO voting. And from the day one, people are participating in the voting. So if you want to vote your preferred ICO then navigate ICO calendar page of CoinMarketPlus and vote via Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

Fake ICO listing:

As ICO market is getting bigger and mature, likewise some shady people who are trying to scam one of his or her coins. Recently on December 2017, more than $15 Million ICO Halted By SEC for Being Alleged Scam. You can see the link of fake websites or fraudulent ICOs on random telegraph/slack/Facebook/twitter groups. So use the links directly listed on our page. The ICO listings on our calendar have been tested and are real.

Our mission:

Founded in 2017, the mission of the CoinMarketPlus is to provide a concrete platform to users thereby they can explore the new opportunities in the arena of Token sales. With robust capabilities and strong technical expertise, we are emerging as a reliable place for ICO listing. In stipulated time, we have received overwhelming appreciation and support from all over the globe and we will continue to do so to help this new industry flourish.