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A comprehensive ICO result page with important data including market cap, total raised fund, current price, and percentage price change of ICO. The objective of our ICO result page is to provide precise information about the particular ICO, which are listed on the page.

Name Market Cap Ended On Total Raised Ico Price Current Price % changes

The notable features of our ICO result page

Broad list of ICO with precise information:

Our ICO result page is prepared by the dexterous team of professionals, who have substantial experience of initial coin offering list and crypto market. In this list users will get the broad list of ICOs with price information.

Impeccable data:

At our ICO result page users will get the impeccable data, thereby they will get the accurate idea about the particular ICO. All the data including total market cap, total raised funds, ICO price and the percentage change in price of ICOs are accurate.

Updated information:

The crypto market is highly volatile, you have no idea that what will happened in the next moment. So keeping this point in mind, we update our content on regular interval thereby there is no space for wrong information andany guesswork.

The importance of the ICO result page:

Provides relevant and accurate information:
The market of Token Sales is getting bigger; in this scenario to choose the best ICO it is always important to get the accurate information about the particular ICO on which you are going to invest. The information about important data like market cap, price of ICOs, percentage change in the price of ICO will help you to invest on the right ICO project.

Important factors that influence ICO result:

Wrong information:
Wrong information and guesswork affects the crypto market as well as ICO result. Wrong information leads to fear, uncertainty and doubt, resultant the value of good performing ICO goes down which creates massive fluctuation in the market.


Definitely technology plays a crucial role here and people want to invest in robust and reliable technology. ICO which is based on better technology influence more and more people.