ERC 20 Token Development

Get your ERC 20 token developed by experts. Our Team have extensive experience in Ethereum blockchain and DApp development. Our team has developed many Smart Contracts, including decentralized exchange for ERC20 Tokens, which we run.

The Process

  • Checking business requirement
  • ERC 20 Ethereum standard
  • Internal Audits for security and vulnerability
  • Smart Contract auditing
  • Smart contracts Deployment
  • Support

What is ERC 20 Tokens

The Popular Cryptocurrency and Blockchain system known as Ethereum is based on use of tokens which can be traded. In this case, “tokens” represent a diverse range of digital assets. Tokens are essentially smart contracts that make use of the Ethereum blockchain.

One of the most popular tokens is known as ERC-20, which has emerged as the popular technical standard used for all smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for token implementation.

The ERC-20 defines a common list of rules that all Ethereum tokens must stick to. ERC-20 empowers developers of all types to accurately predict how new tokens will function within the larger Ethereum system. This simplifies and eases developers’ tasks

ERC-20 Six Functions

ERC-20 defines six different functions for the benefit of other tokens within the Ethereum system. These are generally basic functionality issues, including the method in which tokens are transferred and how users can access data regarding a particular token.

All together, this set of functions and signals ensures that Ethereum tokens of different types will uniformly perform in any place within the Ethereum system. As such, nearly all of the digital wallets which support the ether currency also support ERC-20 compliant tokens. But because the ERC-20 standard remains relatively nascent, there will likely be bugs that need to be ironed out, as Ethereum continues to mature. To cite an example of one such glitch: Ethereum tokens sent directly to a smart contract will lose money, because an error in protocol means that a token’s contract cannot respond to an attempt to make a direct transfer, resulting in the “loss” of the money associated with that transfer.

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