Top Cryptocurrency Youtube Channels to Follow in 2020 Add your Chanel

Tone Vays

United States  95.2K Subscribers

About Youtuber : Tone Vays is active in finance and trading as well as educating the importance of Bitcoin / Blockchain technology around the world. If you are interested in learning how to trade, the series trading bitcoin or learning about blockchain technology, then make sure to subscribe for unique and helpful videos.

Frequency : 12 video / Week  |  Since : Aug 2016

Alessio Rastani

236K Subscribers

About Youtuber : Trading has large potential rewards and also large potential risks. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. We are neither an investment advisory service nor an investment advisor. Data and information provided are solely for educational and informational purposes. Nothing in this channel and the information provided in it should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell stocks, futures, indices, forex, cryptocurrencies or commodities.

Frequency : 3 video / Week  |  Since : Nov 2019

The Moon

Sweden  117K Subscribers

About Youtuber : My channel focuses on Bitcoin news and Bitcoin price. In every video I do Bitcoin technical analysis suitable even for beginners, I go through daily BTC news & crypto news, and I also make some general cryptocurrency analysis. I believe that fundamental analysis and technical analysis go hand in hand, so I incorporate both in my Bitcoin videos. Cryptocurrencies, but most importantly Bitcoin, is going to change the world, so buy Bitcoin, subscribe to this channel and be part of this amazing financial revolution!

Frequency : 8 video / Week  |  Since : Dec 2017

Ivan on Tech | All about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Sweden   243K Subscribers

About Youtuber : My name is Ivan Liljeqvist and I'm a software developer from Sweden. This channel is all about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

Frequency : 7 video / Week  |  Since : Jul 2013

Crypto Daily

United Kingdom   157K Subscribers

About Youtuber : Hi. Welcome to my channel. I aim to give you the pure honest news on a (mostly) daily basis on Cryptocurrency,Bitcoin.

Frequency : 1 video / Week  |  Since : Aug 2014

sunny decree

Switzerland  123K Subscribers

About Youtuber : Almost a Bitcoin Maximalist.

Frequency : 1 video / Week  |  Since : Sep 2006

The Crypto Lark

New Zealand   139K Subscribers

About Youtuber : Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and ICO news, analysis, reviews and interviews brought to you by me, your host, The Crypto Lark. 'The early investor catches the Bitcoin'Cryptocurrency enthusiast, traveller, vegan, and lover of life!

Frequency : 6 video / Week  |  Since : Oct 2009

Crypto Zombie

United States   128K Subscribers

About Youtuber : we discuss cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), NEO, and many other altcoins, as well as cover news in blockchain technology, ICO and coin reviews, and general discussions and trending topics related to cryptocurrency and the future of digital assets.

Frequency : 4 video / Week  |  Since : Dec 2017

CryptosRUs | Learn about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Mining, Wallets & Exchanges

United States   60.2K Subscribers

About Youtuber : Cryptos R Us is about helping people get educated on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. If you want to learn about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Mining, Wallets, Exchanges and more, then you've come to the right place!

Frequency : 8 video / Week  |  Since : Oct 2017

Crypto Tips

United States   58.2K Subscribers

About Youtuber : Emerging trends Global economy and how it affects the crypto-sphere New coins on the market Hacks, scamsand what watch out Videos

Frequency : 3 video / Week  |  Since : Nov 2016

CNBC Crypto Trader | CNBC Cryptocurrency Trader

South Africa   58.2K Subscribers

About Youtuber : Get the best videos from CNBC Crypto Trader

Frequency : 1 video / Week  |  Since : Sep 2017

Cointelegraph | US Cryptocurrency Channel

United States   70.4K Subscribers

About Youtuber : Cointelegraph covers everything Bitcoin, bringing you the latest news, prices, breakthroughs, and analysis, with emphasis on expert opinion and commentary from the digital currency community. Cryptocurrency with precise and clear coverage from our dedicated team of journalists and experts from around the globe

Frequency : 3 video / Week  |  Since : March 2014

Crush The Street

United States   42.1K Subscribers

About Youtuber : Get the Best videos for Cryptcurrency from and alternative Financial And Economic news and website.

Frequency : 1 video / Week  |  Since : Jul 2011


United States   39.8K Subscribers

About Youtuber : Get Videos of Cryptocurrency and related videos from CRYPTO INTELLIGENCE REPORT.

Frequency : 8 video / Week  |  Since : Nov 2017