Bitunet: One-size-fits-all WordPress Theme for Your Cryptocurrency Website

Thursday November 15, 2018

There’s been a lot has been said about cryptocurrency website design, lots of themes were released. But still, there’s room for multipurpose solutions that can cover all possible aspects of cryptocurrency (and only) website design.

Recently I was asked to find premium WordPress themes that can be used universally not only is cryptocurrency niche but in financial (just in case). I’ve browsed through the latest items at Themeforest but discovered nothing special. Later I came across one interesting item at TemplateMonster marketplace it’s called Bitunet WordPress theme. Check out the video review below.

Basically, it’s a multiskin WordPress theme that can be used for a number of niche cryptocurrency websites like crypto consulting, the blockchain, cryptocurrency advisor, crypto blog, crypto landing page, and so on.

The theme comes packed with 5 ready-made skins and is about to receive another one in the nearest update.

Before we’ll dive into the Bitunet skins let’s see what features it has.
Most Notable Bitunet Features

  • The theme, as well as all of its skins, are built with free Elementor builder.
  • Fully responsive renders perfectly on all handheld devices.
  • Translation-ready, compatible with WPML.
  • The main theme, as well all skins are fully compatible with WooCommerce.
    • JetWoobuilder that’s included into the package can help you build custom single product page, product archive, and categories pages.
  • The theme includes a set of Jet plugins that can vastly extend capabilities of Elementor builder.
    • Jet Tabs
    • Jet Tricks
    • Jet Blocks
    • Jet Themecore
    • Jet Woo Builder
    • Jet Popup
    • Jet Menu
    • Jet Blog
  • Jet Menu plugin allows building custom mega menu stuffing them with any content you want, menu customization is made in Elementor builder.
  • The theme is fully GDPR compliant, with the help of Jet Popup and Elementor builder you can create and display custom or predefined popups that will notify your visitors of cookies policy.
  • The theme, as well as all of its skins, are backed by lifetime support and updates.

The infographics below contains more features, check it out.

Since this theme is built with Elementor builder, not a single user with ever face difficulties customizing it.

Using the predefined blocks, ready-made section one can create custom pages or edit already existing ones in a handy editor.

In case you never used Elementor builder you’re welcome to check out free video lessons by he has some nice videos for both PRO and Free versions of Elementor builder.

The Bitunet theme has a pack of awesome plugins that extend the capabilities of free Elementor almost two times. On the image below you can see six featured items, these are the most powerful ones, just like Infinity Stones 🙂

When you install the theme you will notice that there are more than 6 items, those are additional plugins less powerful and one can either use them or disable and forget, still they are provided and can be quite helpful in certain situations. Now let’s have a look at the skins included in the Bitunet package.

Bitunet Default Skin

This is the first skin of the package, and the most universal one, if you apply your imagination you’ll be able to transform this 100% cryptocurrency design into something else, this is the deepest sense hidden in any multipurpose theme.

The homepage of the default skin welcomes you with an interesting feature – crippling line. Just like the one we’ve seen in the newscasts. In this case, the crippling line may contain either the latest exchange rate or the capitalization share.

This is a really awesome feature, that made me feel somehow nostalgic.

Since the theme is built with Elementor you can save any block from any of these skins as a template, upload it to your main design and use there. Since the moment I found about this Elementor feature I fell in love with it.

Another interesting content block on the homepage is the roadmap. It’s made with tabs when you hit any year the contents of the roadmap section will be replaced.

Also, there’s a call-to-action button inside the roadmap, I’ve never met such a trick anywhere else.

Among all pieces of interesting blocks, I’d like to point out the cryptoticker widget, this is a fully-functional widget where you can zoom certain areas to find the price of the cryptocurrency in any second of a specified time span.

Not a single website can exist without a decent pricing table. Created following the stylistics of the theme, this table looks really awesome. Editing it will be really easy, all you need to do is to replace certain values in the Content section tab of the in your Elementor editor.

Another important section for a crypto website is an FAQ block. The questions here are placed in the accordion, and next to it you can find an animated pie chart. By hovering and clicking the sectors of the pie you will discover some additional information.

The last thing I’d like to point out on this homepage is the mega menu.

Since the moment Elementor builder was taught to edit Headers and Footers the pain hidden behind these sections was significantly relieved. Into the footer and header, one can add as many links or content as it’s needed. With the help of a responsive view, you’ll be able to adjust the looks of the section to portable devices.

As you remember I’ve mentioned the Jet Menu plugin previously, it’s a powerful solution that can help you edit your menu just like you got used to editing pages! Add columns, blocks, widgets, change colors, typography, animation in a few clicks.

Easy as a pie.

As you can see the selection of subpages basically includes a bunch of variations of the same groups of pages. This was done so that the theme buyers could understand that customization capabilities of an Elementor WordPress theme, are almost limitless.

As I already said that all skins are compatible with WooCommerce, the storefront looks quite basic, though you can easily change its looks via Elementor builder and Jet Woobuilder.

Let’s move on to the next skin.

Bitunet Blockchain Skin

The blockchain skin was designed specifically to tame the hunger for such crypto niche. It’s known that the most popular solution for blockchain website was WIX, this is because WIX is known as a quick solution for building ugly websites really fast. Why should one mess with WIX when there are such beauties for WordPress?

The homepage of the blockchain skin welcomes you with a cool polygonal background and a section with an exchange rate.

The theme has a bunch of awesome sections for token sale, token details and so on. One can edit these using Elementor builder.

Also, you will find here another presentation of the roadmap section. In this skin, it has an interesting hover effect, just put the mouse pointer on any dot to see more details.

Let’s check the next skin.

Bitunet Advisor Skin

The next skin is built specifically for crypto consultants. The hero area contains the photo of the consultant himself, and a contact form one can use to talk to the website owner.

Overall the design of this skin is quite minimal, but it’s complemented with a cool background like the one in the Our Services section.

A distinctive feature of this skin is the free ebook block. Unfortunately, most themes don’t have a nicely designed block for free ebooks, but here you will find one.

Don’t forget that with the help of an Elementor builder you can easily export any section as a template and import it to any other Elementor-powered website. Also, in this skin, you can make use of a cool pricing table.

Let’s move on to the next skin.

Bitunet Crypto Blog

The crypto blogging niche won’t be complete without some nice blogging skin and the Bitunet theme has one.

The hero area contains a widget with featured posts, a crippling line, and a subscription form.

The homepage, in general, is stuffed with various types of widgets that represent categories, tags, and popular posts.

The thing I’d like you to have a look at is a crypto calculator, it counts automatically the cost of two most popular cryptos.

Right under it, you will find a capitalization widget and a donation form.

And here comes the last skin.

Bitunet Landing Skin

The landing page is the last skin in the pack, at least now, the next theme update will deliver new features and a bunch of additional skins.

Basically, it’s a one-page theme where only the most important presentational content blocks are united. Here you will find another variation of the roadmap widget.

The rest of the blocks have already been seen in the previous skins, but here they are featured with minor differences, especially the color scheme.

As you can see Bitunet is a really great multipurpose theme that can handle a huge range of niches including mining equipment store. If you need a good companion for at least 5 years that will provide with all the features and functionalities you need than Bitunet is the best choice.

P.S. Don’t forget that this theme is backed with lifetime support and updates.