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TEN – a global online education platform where learners gain access to new skills and achieve their goals from an enormous library with thousands of online courses. TEN brings values of deep humanitarian education; transparency in the community; ensuring data integrity; and saving transaction costs, thereby bringing faith to the community. TEN is changing the way people teach and learn thanks to the power of the community, opening up a new era for worldwide online education.

Airdrop Description

– Get 90 GDEM when participating in steps following successful instructions.
– Receive 60 GDEM when sharing links that introduce friends to participate successfully.
– Get 50 GDEM when completing tasks.

– The total budget for this Airdrop Program is 30,000,000 GDEM based on first come, first served.
– You only receive GDEM when fully participating in the request and staying in the group until the distribution date, which is expected to take place in September 2019.
– We will have a detailed notice of the time and instructions for receiving GDEM.
– In case of necessity, we will ask you about the balance via bot or email.

Following Some Steps

  • Click on the bot link on Telegram: https://t.me/TenTechAirdropBot
  • Click the Start button to start participating.
  • Answer bot questions to avoid spam and robots.
  • Join the group https://t.me/tentech_global If you have joined the group before, please type / claim on the group to confirm again.
  • Enter the email address then confirm the link in the email.
  • Enter the address for Ethereum (note not to use the wallet of the exchange).