Bitcratic [BCT]

Active 20 USD Website

Since the inception of the Blockchain, Centralized Crypto Exchanges are dominating the crypto market and more than 95% transactions are taking place in such exchange. The objective of the Blockchain is to decentralize the world. Bitcratic is here to empower the decentralized exchange. Bitcratic is a decentralized exchange for ERC 20 Tokens.Bitcratic use off-chain order book with On-chain settlement.

Following Some Steps

1. Articles Campaign 200 BCT

  • 250+ Words = 50 BCT
  • 500+ Words = 100 BCT
  • 1000+ Words = 200 BCT

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2. Video Campaign 500 BCT

  • Videos must be at least 4 min long.
  • Videos must not be negative or offensive.
  • Videos must include at least a link to the Bitcratic
  • Publish on Youtube

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