About us

CoinMarketPlus.com is a cutting-edge initial coin offering platform, where investors will get a detailed list of ICOs, token sales, and ICO results. With strong technical skill and decent experience in the crypto industry, our objective is to provide a substantial platform to investors; thereby they can get the well-researched information and leverage the best opportunities in initial coin offering in 2018 and beyond. Every ICO claims they have the best project to invest. At CoinMarketPlus.com our expert team read all ICOs whitepapers, check their team member’s profile, check their past achievements, compare their ICO with competitors, evaluate total supply and calculate per unit price and come up with ICO Rating. Having its origin in 2017, CoinMarketPlus is an authentic platform for the blockchain based project, initial coin offerings, ICO calendar, ICO ratings, crypto coins comparison and events related to Bitcoin and token sale. With a seasoned and vigorous team of professionals, CoinMarketPlus is emerging as a vibrating place for initial coin offering. In stipulated time, we have received overwhelming appreciation and trust from all over the globe. We do in-depth research before listing any information on the website.

On CoinMarketPlus you will get:
  • ICO calendar
  • ICO results
  • ICO agencies
  • Live coin comparison of 400 coins
  • ICO listing.
ICO Calendar:
At CoinMarketPlus, investors will get a comprehensive and curated calendar of token sales. We have a spirited and experienced team of professionals, who maintain the only complete calendar of all active and upcoming initial coin offerings (ICOs), token sales, and crowd sales. Our ICO alert reports, give investors exclusive insights and analysis of new tokens, which is worth investing.
ICO results:
At CoinMarketPlus, investors will get the results of Cryptocurrency ICOs and are updated regularly. All information is provided by ICOs, not independently verified by Coinmarketplus.com.
ICO agencies:
We have a team of crypto experts, who list the ICO agencies after in-depth research.
Live coin comparison of 400 coins:
A comprehensive list of 400 cryptocurrencies, here you will get the precise data that will give you insights about thefluctuation in thecrypto market.
Why is CoinMarketPlus standout?
  • CoinMarketPlus is a comprehensive and informative marketplace for tokens, blockchain based projects and ICO calendar, which is designed using cutting-edge technology. Our services for organizing a crowd sale with tradable digital tokens. We have expertise in crowd sale with trailblazing blockchain industry network and tools.
  • We follow and research tokens, which is worthwhile and worth investing. Our ICO calendar, ICO results, and events keep investors alerted about market opportunities ahead of time.
  • We are twelve experienced, passionate, and enthusiasts crowdfundings, investment, and blockchain technology specialists.