A Promising Future For Blockchain Gaming

Tuesday June 25, 2019

Gaming, the world’s leading form of entertainment, has managed to stay at the very top of its game for so long because it always has an eye on what’s next where technology and the like is concerned. Right now, all eyes are firmly fixed on blockchain technology, with there being strong belief from experts in the industry that the tech is set to deliver a very promising future.

One of the huge positives where blockchain being incorporated into gaming is concerned is that it has the potential to have an impact in multiple areas. This means it will ultimately be a god send for the development teams behind games, with it capable of verifying the availability and scarcity of virtual objects such as in-game weapons for example. It of course can have a huge impact when it comes to payment networks too, which will in turn allow developers to monetise their work as intended.

It’s flexibility and versatility are arguably blockchain gaming’s biggest draws, and with a reported $138 billion spent on gaming last year, developers and studios are looking to get to grips with this new technology sooner rather than later, in the hope of seeing an improvement in their profit margins. From humble beginnings where blockchain gaming consisted of card games and digital cats, there’s a hope to see blockchain gaming make its way further afield into the MMO market and beyond.

We mentioned above how blockchain gaming very much started with card games and the like, and this is another area where gaming is developing with blockchain at the forefront. For many years there have been concerns in the online gaming world where security and the fairness of games have been called into question. Hence the reason why all reputable operators are fully licensed, so for example, PartyCasino is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. This is where blockchain technology can definitely add value. As it provides everything necessary to reinforce and confirm the integrity and transparency of the games and platforms.

As with any type of gaming, but especially in the online casino world, blockchain provides the ultimate solutions when it comes to making payment as there are absolutely no middle men involved, no waiting times, little or no fees and the ledger which blockchain uses cannot be altered, therefore giving everyone peace of mind.

With transactions being commonplace in the online casino world and increasing in popularity in video gaming where in-game purchases and microtransactions are on the rise, blockchain technology will be integral in this area going forward, with it very much being a mutually beneficial relationship.

It may be early days, but the future is certainly promising for blockchain gaming. There are already gaming platforms out there enjoying success which are built on the blockchain, with it being very likely that the technology will be incorporated into mainstream gaming, be it video games, mobile games, or casino gaming, soon. Blockchain undoubtedly has the potential to change gaming for the better, forever, and that should be music to the ears of everyone within the industry as well as gamers.