A Look At The Top 5 Security Token Issuance Platforms

Monday November 26, 2018

Ever since utility tokens lost favor in the market, more and more contributors in the crypto realm have been looking to fill the space with viable platforms that support innovative tokens. A number of companies are developing, or have mooted plans to develop platforms that make tractions in the market easier. Indeed, a lot of infrastructural support is needed for tokenized securities to work. So, which platforms are the top for issuing tokens?


This platform has quite a number of services under its wings. First, it provides legal solutions to clients who want to tokenize securities. Secondly, it has all the technical capabilities that clients need to run their security tokens. The platform has some of the latest standards that work with modern smart contracts and they are also partners with a number of crucial parties. With its own token also being part of the products, the platform is definitely fully-fledged.


As its name suggests, this platform has one key mission – helping clients tokenize their assets. There are many different kinds of assets that this company supports and this diversity makes it among the top platforms for investors. The platform also has a number of other services that it provides including managing the tokens as well as issuing them. The platform has a great accessibility and its overall system is attractive.


When it comes to understanding the market, Harbor has demonstrated a great deal of insight. This platform is specifically built in order to get security tokens to the market and also keep them aligned with the legal requirements. The platform does a great job of tokenizing different kinds of assets and launching them onto the blockchain. The platform keeps a broad classification that includes all the different asset classes. There is a standard in place that the company uses to grant permissions for the Ethereum blockchain. Since Ethereum itself is a dynamic platform, the approvals are baked right into the system.


Swarm is widely known for its SRC20 protocol. This cryptographic standard has grown a lot in popularity because of its efficiency in the process of asset tokenization. Many different kinds of assets can be tokenized with the standards and some of the most popular assets on the platform arise from a wide range of industries. Management and trading of assets on the platform is also a simple and efficient process. While Swarm does not explicitly create the protocols for the assets, individual companies have to follow the standards that it has set out in order for the assets to be taken as security tokens.


Finally, Securrency is a platform that allows users to securitize their assets with a simple drag & drop procedure. The platform has partnered with a number of engines to ensure that the operations are comprehensive. Verification of investors is also done right on the platform.

In summary

There are indeed many other platforms in the market that can support security tokens. Most of them cannot issue the tokens though. The above platforms are the only ones that do issuance of tokens among other things like doing token sales.