5 Decentralized Exchanges which you can use to trade

Friday January 11, 2019

Do you worry about the security of centralized exchange? Are you looking for decentralized exchange, where you could participate in trading without worrying about the safety of you funds?Then this blog is for you, in this blog we will introduce five decentralized exchanges, where you can trade without losing ownership of your token. Besides, these exchanges are safe and no one can steal your money.

Ether Delta:

Ether Delta is a fully decentralized platform, where user’s fund remains safe in the smart contract and allows users to remain owner their token and trade without any hassle.  The design of the site is easy and all the content of the site at single page. The order-book of the site is cleaner and users can trade here using Ledger Nano and Meta Mask.


With user-friendly interface and top-notch security, IDEX is the most popular decentralized exchange that allows users to trade ERC-20 tokens without any hassle. The order-book of the site is cleaner and users can trade here using Ledger Nano and Meta Mask.


Bitcratic is a semi decentralized exchange, majority of the operation being handled on the Blockchain which allows traders to remain owner of their tokens and enable the whole system to deal with money transfer and execute trades without any hassle. www.bitcratic.com use off-chain order book with On-chain settlement.

Wave Dex:

Wave Dexis a decentralized exchange, which allows users to trade Ethereum based tokens directly and anonymously. Leveraging power of the Blockchain technology, Wave Dex allows users to remain owner of their token, besides centralized system has been used to enhance the exchange process. So you can say that Wave Dex is the combination of centralized and decentralized application.


Office based in Demark, Open Ledger is in the crypto market to fulfill the lacknessof decentralized exchange.  The exchange offers top-notch security as well as allows users to remain owner of their token without disclosing their identity. Users just need to create user name and password and they can use it.