10 notable features that makes CoinMarketPlus a leading ICO listing website

Saturday April 6, 2019

With the passage of time we can see meteoric rise of ICO listing website, and now while writing this blog 200 + initial coin offering list websites are in the crypto market.  So if you are investors and looking for an authentic ICO listing platform, definitely it is very difficult to choose the right platform, where you could go, explore the site, and found the authentic list of  ICOs to invest on. CoinMarketPlus is an authentic and popular ICO list site on which you can trust. Since inception in December 2017,CoinMarketPlus and team doing unprecedented work in the arena of token sales. With a dexterous team of professionals and good command over the crypto market CoinMarketPlus established themselves as an authentic ICO listing platform in a year. This blog will explain 10 notable features that makeCoinMarketPlus a leading ICO listing website.

  • Home page of the CoinMarketPlus

The home page of the CoinMarketPlus is appealing, eye-catching, and user-friendly. After landing on the home page, you will get an exact idea that what the website is all about. The each page of the website is properly designed where you will get the precise and relevant information. Besides, you will found ICO listing slot where you can list your ICO at platinum,gold, silver and bronze slot. If you scroll down the home page, you will found the FAQ section;at this section you will found some useful question and their answer.

  • ICO calendar

The ICO calendar pageof CoinMarketPlus will provide you precise and relevant information about the live, upcoming, and the ended ICOs. The ICO experts of CoinMarketPlus always keep a sharp eye on ICO market and after proper research and analysis they list the ICOs on the website.

  • ICO Results

You will get all relevant information at the ICO result page of CoinMarketPlus. At this page you will get the important information like market cap, total raised fund, current price, and percentage price change of ICO.

  • Media and event Partner

CoinMarketPlus is a media and event partner with reputed organizations. Whether it is Blockchain event or any important conference, the team of CoinMarketPlus doesn’tleave any important information and list it on the website.

  • Marketing Blogs

The marketing blogs of CoinMarketPlus will provide you valuable insights about the crypto market.  The marketing team of CoinMarketPlus keep sharp eye on all important happening in the crypto industry and write the important information which really matters for the audience.

  • ICO Agency

At the ICO agency page of CoinMarketPlusyou will get the 50+ ICO agency sites which are listed on the website after proper research and analysis. CoinMarketPlus has a team of experts who check each aspect of the ICO agency like the team behind the ICO agency, product and marketing campaign, and vision etc. to list the ICO agency on the website.

  • Compare Coin

Prepared by the team of crypto enthusiast and finance professionals, at the crypto compare page of CoinMarketPlus you will get the comprehensive details about the cryptocurrencies. At the compare coin page you will get the informative details about the coin including market cap, actual price in USD, calculation price based on circulation supply, calculation price based on total supply, circulating supply BTC, and total supply in BTC. The objective behind preparing the crypto compare page is to provide a comprehensive and holistic overview about the crypto market. By watching our crypto compare page visitors will get a precise idea about crypto coin’s performance in the market.

  • Stats and facts

Stats and facts page of the CoinMarketPlus will give you precise idea of ICO market in 2017 and 2018. After landing on the stats and facts page of the CoinMarketPlus you will get the list of top 10 ICOs of 2018, with total number of ICOs and total raised funds. Besides, pie chart and graph will demonstrate the actual figure of ICO category and market.

  • Security Token offering STO

At the STO page of the CoinMarketPlusyou will get the list of STO tokens. STO security token offering is like ICO, but unlike ICO STOs are backed by real time asset and its value fluctuates according to the value of the asset.  STOs are secure and authentic than ICOs.

  • ICO rating and voting

The ICO rating and voting of the CoinMarketPlus gives an idea that which ICO is reliable and which is not.  By watching the number of votes and rating you can choose your favorite ICO to invest on.