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Name Total Raised Ico Price Current Price
Bitcoin $0.003 $9,285.51
Ethereum $1,515,034 $0.311 $272.50
XRP $0.45
Litecoin $6,900,000,000 $133.62
Bitcoin Cash $429.38
EOS $4,197,956,135 $0.990 $7.09
Binance Coin $12,000,000 $0.100 $33.95
Tether $1.00
Stellar $39,000,000 $0.13
Cardano $63,000,000 $0.002 $0.09

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Using strong cryptography, cryptocurrency is digital currency that works as a medium of exchange to ensure secure and quick financial transaction with 100% transparency. Founded by the anonymous group of developer in 2009 (known as Satoshi Nakamoto) and with the market cap of $111,705,313,526, Bitcoin is the first and the most popular decentralized cryptocurrency, which works as peer-to-peer model i.e. serves as a public financial transaction database.

What is the importance of Cryptocurrency?

Due to some revolutionary properties like security, quick and irreversible transaction, cryptocurrencies emerged as popular currency and people can use it in following areas:

Buy goods:
Initially buying goods using cryptocurrency was not possible because neither such currencies were so popular nor people were aware about this, but now situation is completely changed. Now people are using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple to book hotels, flights and to buy daily products.

with the highest risk, cryptocurrencies also ensure the best return on investment. If you have good idea about the crypto market then no one can stop you to become millionaire in over-night. We are saying this because in November 2017, the price of one Bitcoin was $ 3000 and in December one Bitcoin’s price reached to staggering figure of $ 19,000 so from here don’t need to explanation that why cryptocurrencies can be the best way to get the finest return on investment.

Now cryptocurrencies are emerging as popular way of payment. Accepting cryptocurrency as a payment businessman are getting new customer. This trend is growing continuously and in near future more and more People will accept the payment via cryptocurrency.

How does the Cryptocurrency works?

There are three basic concepts behind the working of cryptocurrency. 1- Public Leger. 2- Transactions. 3- Mining.

Public ledgers:
All the confirmed transactions are recorded in the public ledger. Simply put, from the start of a cryptocurrency’s creation to final transactions all things are recorded here. The identity of the coin’s owner remains encrypted, so the system uses other cryptographic techniques to ensure the legitimacy of the record keeping. The public ledger ensures accuracy of the spendable balance from the corresponding wallet and checks the new transaction.

The transfer of funds from one wallet to another wallet is known as transaction. First of all, it is the public ledger where transaction gets submitted and awaits confirmation. During transaction wallet uses an encrypted signature which is also known as cryptographic signature, cryptographic signature provides a mathematical proof that transaction came from the owner of the wallet. The confirmation process takes 10-15 minute while miners mine. Mining confirms the transaction and added them to the public ledger.

The mining process gives value to the coin which is also known as proof-of-work. Miner confirms the transaction and added it to the public ledger. Mining is open so anyone can do it. During transaction miners solve complex mathematical puzzle in short span of time and adds a block to the public ledger, miners who solve the problem very first he receives the transaction fee in his wallet. The way miners and public ledger works together no one can alter the information, once it is recorded in the system which also eliminates the chance of fraud or any third party manipulation.

What are the some important factors which affect the price of cryptocurrency?

Market fluctuation:
The price of the cryptocurrency varies as per its availability. If volume of the particular coin is low, but that coin's demand is high then its price will also go high. In contrast, if the volume of the particular coin is high, then its price goes low. So market fluctuation plays a huge influential role in determining the price of cryptocurrency.

The price of the Bitcoin:
Despite the market fluctuation, Bitcoin is still the most powerful cryptocurrency which affects the crypto market. If the price of the Bitcoin goes up, then crypto market goes up. But if price goes down then crypto market collapsed. Bitcoin’s potential of using it as exchanging fiat, currency trading, market maturity in terms of complex financial products, makes it unmatched.

Marketing hype:
The crypto market is driven by marketing hype. Yes, often some industry experts come with their prediction about the particular coin; resultant market fluctuates, which affects the price of cryptocurrency.

The regulation of the cryptocurrency is still a hot topic. Where some countries made a proper legal framework and regulated it, the same some country’s cryptocurrency regulation is still not cleared, which also affects the crypto market.

Hacking is a biggest challenge in the crypto industry. Every major hack into the system or into cryptocurrency exchanges or wallet has provoked price cash.

New currencies:
The popularity of cryptocurrencies is increasing exponentially, where more than thousand cryptocurrencies are in the market the same new currencies are launched every day. So in this scenario as one becomes popular, money flows into it from other currencies which affects the price and crypto market. Here proper research is necessary to choose the best coin to get the best return on investment.

What is ICO Initial Coin Offering?

ICO initial coin offering is a model to raise the funds for the new project, which is based on the Blockchain. In this model Blockchain developers come up with innovative idea, they show their project to the investors and offer some units of new cryptocurrency or crypto-token in the exchange against cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. These crypto-tokens are similar to share of a company sold to investors. If the money raised does not fulfill the minimum amount required by the firm, then money is returned to investors and such ICO considered as unsuccessful. But if money raised fulfills the requirement within the specified timeframe then raised money either initiate the new scheme or to complete it.

What are the different stages of ICO?

White Paper:
White Paper is the first and foremost stage of ICO. In this stage, the whole model of the project is prepared which state what the project is about. In a genuine White Paper you will get all aspects of the project like introduction and objective of the project, the team behind the project, the technology behind the project, the potential of the project, the total budget of the project and allocation of the Crypto share. So you can say that by watching White Paper one can get the exact idea about the project.

The purpose of the token sales:
After White Paper, the purpose of the token sales is a crucial stage. In this stage you have to ensure that how you are going to lure your contributors with the token issued to them. Do your research into the soft and hard token cap number and their implication.

Pre ICO or pre sale ICO:
In the Pre ICO stage, the project gets sufficient funding and attention. Pre-ICO is also the last chance for the active industry experts and well networked people to get the lucrative discount on the token sales.

Upcoming ICOs and whitelist:
If the ICO project doesn’t get sufficient attention and funding, then upcoming ICO campaign is done to collect a newsletter list about the interested contributors to provide the community with relevant updates about the progress of the crowdsale.

Active (Ongoing ICO):
This is the most important stage not only for contributors but also for investors, because the token has already survived the early stage and reach the soft cap so from here people who are engaged with it they are at minimum risk. Definitely, in this stage most of the tokens are left to be sold but don’t expect any discount in Live ICO stage. Tokens which remain unsold, is burnt by the respective company.

What are the advantages of initial coin offering?

Easy fundraising:
The model of ICO is proving the finest way to raise the funds for the Blockchain based projects. The Blockchain startup company needs to make a proper planning of their project and show it to investors, if investors liked this model then they invest in the project.

International reach:
ICO or Token sales provide an opportunity to reach international market without any complication. Unlike IPO, company can only issue their stock for trading in the registered company.

How to choose the best ICO to invest in?
  • Go through the white paper of the ICO meticulously; here you will get the all-important information about the best ICOs which you are looking for. On White Paper you will get the important information like project and its goal, the team behind the project and their relevant experience, the idea and the roadmap of its execution, approximate goals and means of reaching them, and so forth.
  • Make sure that ICO has strong and open supporting community. Their presence in different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram is a positive sign and you can trust on them.
  • Evaluate the code of ICO. If the code of the project is not working or if it is working, but not open source then it is a sign of scam. If you have small coding knowledge then you can understand a lot about the project.
What is the future of ICO?

The market of token sale is directly proportional to the cryptocurrency market. Simply put, if the price of the cryptocurrency is surging then market of initial coin offering list will also boost. Now the market of ICO and Blockchain is at primary stage, and in future as more and more people will know about it likewise new players will jump in this sector and market of initial coin offering will bigger and better. So without any doubt the future of the ICO initial coin offering is 100% bright.

Which are the some major industries who are actively participating in ICO?

The present market of ICO is more than $ 4 billion and by the 2022, the market of token sale will surpass the figure of $ 300 billion. So from the stat it is not difficult to guess that in future every major industry would like to leverage the concept of token sale. If we see some major sectors who are actively participating in the ICOs are Education, Artificial Intelligence, Drug and Health, business and services, Gaming, infrastructure, and Data Analytic.

What are the risks associated with ICO?
  • Many ICOs are turning into scam, such ICOs have fake account and identities on various social network platforms.
  • Anonymity is the main problem here, the people behind the projects are anonymous, thereby authenticity of the project is also becomes a question mark.
  • ICOs are still not legal in many countries.
  • The project’s authors do not provide an example of their blockchain code.
What are the different types of ICO Tokens?

Utility Token:
Utility token is also known as app token. Once you buy utility token during ICO then you can purchase their products and services.

Security Token:
Security token is also known as equity token. Such token acts as a stock after the token sales ended. Once you have some certain amount of security token, then you are a rightful owner of a certain percentage of a company.

What is the Blockchain technology?

Developed by Satoshi Nakamoto is 2009, Blockchain is a protocol to manage a distributed ledger using cryptographic technology which operates through a network of computers in various locations. The network of computers confirms the transaction, as a transaction gets confirmation resultant a block is created in the system. With every transaction a block is created in this way a chain forms between two consecutive block thereby the system is known is blockchain. This chain is managed by the miners, who mine during transaction and get incentive as the transaction confirms.

What is CoinMarketPlus?

Founded by the dexterous team of professionals in 2017, CoinMarketPlus is a trusted Initial coin offering list website. This is the platform where you will get all the relevant and authentic information about the ICOs, which you are really looking for. In short span of time, CoinMarketPlus received immense popularity and appreciation in the arena of toke sale. Besides ICO listing, you will found ICO rating which will help you to found the best ICO to invest in. Simultaneously, here you will found ICO voting, where you can vote the top ICOs. Both ICO rating and ICO voting will give a clear idea that which ICO is genuine and which one is scam. Following are the some notable features of CoinMarketPlus:

  • You will found the updated list of information; we have a team of crypto experts who update the information to make this platform fresh and engaging.
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